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We worked with an outdoor product business to deliver PeerPrompt as part of a leadership development programme.

Nine managers participated on the programme and over an 8 week period around 150 prompts were given. The peer evaluation at the end of the process indicated that, on average, individual managers had improved their performance in individual development areas, by 70%.  In addition to the impact on the participating managers, the PeerPrompt process involved 50 “prompters”, thus raising the level of awareness of effective management behaviours across the business.


PeerPrompt is a very innovative and interesting way to maintain a continuous relationship with the "Team".


It allowed us to review "performance improvement" on a "live" basis and it provides the feedback instantaneously. The fact that you could also leave supporting comments was a great benefit.


Overall, a great tool, which provides a modern way to be a contributor and a reviewer at the same time - excellent, as it made this aspect of the leadership workshops very effective and an efficient use of time.


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